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Important Announcement About Hearts of Iron IV The Great War

Only a few months of hard work and development is enough for making one fantastic Mod. Wolferos Productions is proud to present to you the Open Beta of Hearts of Iron IV The Great War.

hearts of iron iv the great war

One of the developers announces a lot of positive comments and thanks to all the fans for the big support. He says “It has been both a great and amazing adventure for us”. “Most of our free time we were spending in the office just to make this project happened”- he added.

The support of Hearts of Iron IV The Great War

We like to give our special thanks to Wolferos Productions and to all contributors: Tsunami, Jadasong, Zak MacKay, Vale, Dizzle, Crouching Lemur, Kaiser Anony, Seonake and Benoît (Mundus Bellicus).

With all of that said, the team plans to aim sky-high with new ideas and goals. They have put a lot of work together. Big step decisions into gaming were included, aiming for PC games is their next target.

That is not a surprise for a couple of young indie developers. If they can make Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War possible in few months, everything is possible.

The Great War is actually a sequel or Mod if you will, and it’s now available on Steam.



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