HITMAN Holiday: Supports World Cancer Research Fund

Holiday season is coming, so as Io-Interactive wants to give the HITMAN fans a present.

HITMAN holiday content is coming on December 13th with a brand new mission. The mission is named “Holiday Hoarders”. It takes place in Paris which gives the perfect Christmas atmosphere with the Christmas decorations, trees, presents and snow.

HITMAN schedule

Each week, for 4 weeks HITMAN will be with new content in order to give better holiday experience. The first week starting from December 5th to December 11th, “Master Sniper Challange pack” with 5 new challenges in Sapienza takes place. The second week Starting December 12th to December 18th HITMAN will be updated with a new holiday hoarders mission and a new target #16 in Sapienza. This will be a hard target to find followed by escalation contract in Sapienza of week #3, available from December 19th until December 25th. Last week or week #4 starting from December 26th till December 31st an Elusive target #17 in Bangkok have to be assassinated.

Holiday Hoarders will come to the game on December 13th as part of the upcoming December update. There will be a short maintenance time until the game is fully updated and with new content. Players can also choose which Paris version want to play.

The update will take place as soon as we get more specific details about the release time and release notes closer to the release date.

The developers Io-Interactive, are proud to announce this new content due to a support of World Cancer Research Fund. Donations are available online and everyone who wants to support WCRF can donate here. But I have to say that donations are not required to play the above-mentioned content for HITMAN.


The mission it takes place in Paris at a fashion show and everyone are festive and happy. But there are 2 burglars with a mission to steal the presents and to destroy the fashion show. You, Agent 47, have to stop them and receive a specific holiday reward.

A new trailer for this mission is released and you can check it out below.

Article update December 13th

December update notes

  • General Improvements – Improvement to Supersampling. Increased the quality of Supersampling filtering, to prevent the image from appearing blurry. This will affect PS4 Pro and PC.
  • The Escalation Inconsistence – Fixed an inconsistency with the names of targets in the Caden Composition Escalation Contract.
  • PS4 Pro Controller on PC – The game correctly recognizes the new PS4 Pro Controller when it is connected to the PC version of the game.
  • Pull an Enemy – Removed the ability for 47 to pull people over balconies or out of windows when he is hanging on a ledge or below the balcony/window. There was a known issue for this move when it was introduced in November update. It will be re-introduced with a game update in January.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue with the ‘push’ animation on specific NPC’s in ‘The Icon’
  • An Issue has been fixed that could cause Dalia’s routine to suspend if Viktor has been killed and the fireworks have been triggered. [Showstopper]
  • PC Only: Fixed an issue that could cause an infinite loading state when using DX 12.
  • PC Only: Fixed an issue that could cause noticeable drops in framerate on GTX 770.

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