Rust Devblog 140 Adds Planter Boxes And Holiday Content

Rust is getting a new patch that adds planter boxes, new Holiday content, decal culling and new updated animations.

With devblog 140, Rust is getting some awesome updates. First I will start with Farming. Planter Boxes are now available in Rust, with easy to use guides. With devblog 140 and the Planter Boxes, the plants will grow 3x faster and you will get a bonus from watering them and from the usage of the ceiling lights that helps them to grow. Holidays are coming in Rust as well, so I will tell you how it works. Each day, you will hear jingling bells in Rust. This means that near you there is a Gift Box. The Gift Boxes can be open right away, but you can stock them and upgrade them for a chance to get a better gift. You will also find stocking, but not everyone is lucky like me 🙂 If you are lucky as I am, you will find them and get more surprises.

In addition, some of the animals will get a fresh new look and the Santa hat is no longer with the same look. Check it out below!

Changes will take place in the dynamic occlusion culling as well, so now the new occlusion culling will recognize occluders. Rendering optimizations are improved with re-enabling the Unity’s built-in dynamic batching and with the optimizations of mesh decal visibility culling.

The developer Facepunch Studios set up F1 and Beancan grenades to play specific animations. See them below:

Here is the list of bug fixes in Rust devblog 140:

  • Fixed water occasionally not visible when exiting caves
  • Tweaked weapon reload verification
  • Fixed parts of the bear corpse not being harvestable
  • Fixed billboard shadows in OSX/GL
  • Added culling to projected cave decals (performance)
  • Fixed some minor server sideline of sight verification issues
  • Enabled Holiday Content
  • Fixed partially harvested ore nodes showing up as fully intact
  • Fixed cave building exploits
  • Added periodic position updates with server side verification to projectiles
  • Fixed projectile ricochet verification issues
  • Fixed vm flamethrower flickering hand bug
  • Added clothing world models
  • Fixed pumpkin and Santa hat being invisible
  • Updated Santa hat art
  • Added Large Planter
  • Reduced networking MTU size from 1430 to 1400
  • All plants must be placed at least 0.5m of each other
  • Plants now have a placement guide
  • Fixed endless vm bandage bug

Tell us what you think about this update.

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