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steep challenge

Steep Challenge Against The Developers

Since the release of the Open Beta Steep, the devs from Steep set some good times in the Trial Challenges for the following Steep challenge.

steep challenge

The goal for this times it was any player of Steep who wants to beat the time of any of the developers, he can do it. Luck or skills for those who won here is a list of the few players who made it to do better times.

PlayStation 4

  • Mitch’s Paraglide Challenge – VNC_Yklo (France)
  • Matthias’ Wingsuit Challenge – mickapouel (Canada)
  • Spoox’s Ski challenge – tommeuh (France)

Xbox One

  • Mitch’s Paraglide Challenge – Hittinofr (USA)
  • Matthias’ Wingsuit Challenge – Itarop (USA)
  • Spoox’s Ski challenge – Ayojuan15 (USA)


  • Matthias’ Wingsuit Challenge – eob (USA)

The winners are not going home empty handed, they got some nice prices. Every winner gets a  decent snowboard.

Altho, there were cheaters as well. Some of the players tried to exploit the system with fake scores. The programmers of Steep took credit of those players and they did not get any prizes or their times were not taken into consideration. This kind of issue is now fixed and now is coming soon in a game update 1.02. For more information about the next patch or hotfix, we will inform you as soon as we get news.

Stay with us and we will keep you posted about the next contest which is coming soon.



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