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Pokémon GO Rediscover Your Reality Update Details

Trainers, the last part of the big Pokémon GO Rediscover update was released, and we have all the details.

The Rediscover update had its ups and downs, mostly downs, especially the part with the Avatars, but they somehow managed to redeem it with the previous update and the long Rediscover ​​Kanto event.

However, they certainly won’t listen to us and make any changes, so let’s finally end this long update. This update was released on April 17, 2024, and Niantic and Pokémon GO have been revealing details to us periodically.

We’ve seen the Rediscover Yourself, Your World, and Kanto updates, and now it’s time for the latest Rediscover Your Reality update.

Here’s everything you need to know about this update.

Rediscover Your Reality

  • Enjoy enhanced features in GO Snapshot, including point, position, and photograph options for Pokémon
  • Access GO Snapshot via the Camera item in your inventory or by tapping the Camera icons in the Pokédex or menu
  • Capture up to three Pokémon in a single snapshot for the first time ever! Choose your favorites or explore group sets for inspiration
  • Experiment with placing Pokémon on various surfaces – ground, objects, or in mid-air for dynamic shots. Use new toys to engage your Pokémon
  • Review your AR photos with decorations by exiting GO Snapshot view. Bedazzle your snapshots with decorations for added flair
  • New updates include burst mode for taking a series of AR photos and a timer feature for delayed shots

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