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Rediscover Pokémon GO Changes, New Map Appearance, Battle Screens, Better Trainer Customization, and Biomes Releasing Globally

You remember those big updates that Niantic teased a while ago? Well, we now have a little more information of what they might be.

Teased on X some time ago, these big updates, as per Niantic, are supposed to bring a new look to Pokémon GO. Nobody knows what exactly will happen with the game, but we are all excited for some new things to come to the game. Not that it isn’t exciting now, but it needs a little spark.

It is announced now that these updates will be bringing new in-game maps, encounter screens, as well as battle screen. But get this, they will be all tailored to the player’s location. There will also be new avatar options and a new look to the Style Shop. Also, the GO Snapshot experience will allow players to have three Pokémon in one photo.

Rediscover Pokémon GO, as it is called, will bring four updates, and they all have their name and purpose. But what will they actually change?

Rediscover Pokémon GO updates

  • Rediscover Yourself: Coming April 17, 2024. Supposed to bring new ways to personalize your avatar.
  • Rediscover Your World: Coming April 22, 2024. Supposed to bring a new look to the game, refreshed visuals with dynamically enhance to the real-world surroundings.
  • Rediscover Kanto: Coming April 22, 2024. Supposed to allow players to find Pokémon first discovered in Kanto that make their homes in certain biomes.
  • Rediscover Your Reality: Coming May 7, 2024. Supposed to turn your world into a backdrop for Pokémon photos with the revamped GO Snapshot Feature. This update may be available to some Trainers in Australia sooner.

It is not what we all thought, but it is awesome. I bet that Pokémon GO will look amazing with these updates.

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