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Eve Online: Convergence-Nova Skin is Now Available

New Eden Store received the new Convergence-Nova Skin and is now available to buy. Eve Online: Convergence-Nova Skin should amaze you thanks to the new pattern technology.

Eve Online: Convergence-Nova Skin

The orange and titanium-black themed Skin comes for Mordu’s Legion ship hulls.

The skin is only available for the Garmur, Orthrus and Barghest ship hulls and their cost is between 1800 AUR (for Garmur and Orthrus) and 2800 AUR (for Barghest).

You can buy the skin by logging into Eve Online, going to the New Eden Store (press ALT-4 or use the Neocom to access it), select the skins you want to buy and make sure you have enough AUR on your account.

After you make the purchase the skins will be available in your redeeming system.

No one can resist these skins as they are projected based on the new pattern technology and they are first of their kind for Mordu’s Legion ships.

Convergence-Nova skin will keep you in the game for a longer time than you think. They are freaking amazing.



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