Paladins OB43 Features New Champion, Maeve of Blades

Paladins you say? Yes, Hi-Rez Studios are doing it. Paladins OB43 features new champion and that’s Maeve, of Blades.  Maeve is a flank champion she has really decent abilities. However, this patch also received a lot of items, skins and balance changes too. Let’s start first by reviewing Maeve’s abilities.

Paladins OB43


As I said, Maeve is a flank champion, pretty cool one but hey, every new champion is always cool ;), until all the players study her.

Paladins OB43, Maeve’s Skills

Maeve Owns:

Daggers [LMB]

Have the ability to throw two Daggers every second and each of them deals 450 damage.

Pounce [RMB]

She have the ability to quickly dash forward and when she collide with an enemy, deals melee Strike for 600 Damage. Not bad at all.

Nine Lives [Q]

Nine Lives heal you for 500 HP and reset the cooldowns of Prowl and Pounce.

Midnight [E]

Her Ultimate should be really annoying, restricting enemies vision to a 30-foot radius. The vision is restricted for 4 seconds.

Prowl [F]

Maeve can move 80% faster and jump higher for 4 seconds. However, firing weapon or using ability will trigger this effect off.

For more info about her cards, visit this link.

Let me clarify why I love to play Paladins. Easy anti-cheat baby! Either you accept it, either get away from the game. That’s why you need to play this game and take all the collected madness away.

General Changes

Paladins OB43 have also brought a lot of general changes in the world of PVE, Gameplay, Chest Improvements. It has everything.

One of the most important general changes for the players it’s probably the Improved slide off physics for rooftops where players love to linger. Well, they will be pushed down more aggressively now. Another thing is the improved hit detections for AOE explosions. There are even more changes, but you won’t need them all… Let’s just move forward.

Bug Fixes

Seems like most of the changes are for the AOE issues. However, let’s see them all

Mounts are now going to be in the middle of the store and the end of a match will show the correct lobby name always. All the active quest are not going to show incorrect count too and you can finally Enjoy in Viktor’s Green Grenade when using the Code Green Body.

Improved Strongest Wins for Movement Speed buffs and damage falloff on AOE is not going to start too early now.

Hit AOE detection are also improved and now the UI is more accurate. The game wont crash anymore while spectating.

This patch, as any other, receives some cosmetics and we’re not going to review them at all. Just hop over on this link and preview them all by yourself. However, Pip, Skye and Maeve will receive them, including a bit change on Barik. There will be also a Candy Unicorn mount. 🙂

Balance and Fixes

I can see there are a lot of balance updates too! I mean, this game is all about that and we do not need to explain a lot. Cards have been changed, Champions also, so it’s going to be a lot better to head over here and enjoy the Hero and card Changes.

Torvald, Ruckus, Kinessa, Sha Lin, Skye, Drogoz, Tyra nd Evie have been changed. However, Drogoz received a really good change and should be loved even more than before. All of the others are pretty much the same, with a little bit of tweaks.

Do not worry, you got this! Paladins OB43 will be just beautiful as any other patch!

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