Beyond Despair Update Adds New Armor and Equipment

Beyond Despair’s update introduces a new armor and equipment. First one of them will be a leather jacket and you can all make it if you find the blueprint. Being the base for crafting and loot system remake, there is a lot of changes already applied, and more scheduled to come. This update is going to harder to play.

Beyond Despair Update

Pot and Pan are added as a requirement to cook most of the food and all the ingredients have a category now. You won’t be double-minded on your picks in future. Also, cooked food gives a lot more nutrition.

On the crafting side, update will add new tiers of tool sets that are needed for crafting most of the items. Looking on the bright side, there is no more trash loot. All of the found objects can be used and it’s your job to decide whether you’ll recycle or keep them. You’ll always receive meat from peaceful creatures, however, for getting leather you’ll need to hunt animals. Players can find cloth only on madmen and the chance of finding food is decreased, which in total should make this game a bit harder.

Now talking about the Optimization changes, Part of the Island received those, including several updates of the southern part of the island. Also, the sound receives some fixes together with new nature sounds like birds and wind, while also improving the footsteps. The radio is updated too!

Creatures are getting some changes too and Gangs of marauders have occupied some of the locations on the Island. The devs explained that these changes are made for better and more effective crafting while also provides you with more powerful items then you can get from just exploring. It also comes down to that hunting creatures is becoming more important knowing that there is less food in the game. Ansora will be a hell of a place now, so get ready, it’s live or die.

Tell us your thoughts on this Beyond Despair patch, how do you accept all of the changes? We think that this Beyond Despair update should make the game a bit more realistic too.

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