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World of Tanks Blitz Patch 3.8 Brings New Clan Supply Level X

World of Tanks Blitz update 3.8 is coming tomorrow, with new equipment system and new Clan Supply Level X.

As announced today on World of Tanks Blitz official site, the game is getting a new update 3.8. This patch will be active tomorrow, on May 4 for Asia and NA region.

The servers will be down for some time, due to the update. Asia region servers will be down from 04:00 until 07:30 UTC +8, and NA servers on May 3, from 16:00 until 19:30 ET.

This update 3.8, brings a new content to the game, and new equipment system. Also, makes some general fixes and improvements to the game. Keep on reading and see the full patch notes.

World of Tanks Patch 3.8 Notes

Here is the list of full patch notes and everything you need to know about the latest update.

world of tanks patch 3.8

New Content

  • The equipment system was reworked:
  • Now players will be able to mount up to 9 pieces of equipment on each vehicle (three pieces per category: Combat Power, Vitality, and Specialization). In total, there will be 19 types of equipment.
  • Equipment will be placed in slots across three levels (2 pieces of equipment per slot). Level I slots are unlocked using credits, to unlock level II and III slots, Spare Parts are needed (a new in-game currency).
  • Spare Parts can be earned in battles, missions, and in-game events.
  • Upon unlocking a slot (using credits/Spare Parts), equipment becomes available after a certain period of time, the timer’s duration depends on a vehicle’s Tier and equipment level.
  • Clan Supply level X was added. The new level will offer a unique opportunity to purchase the IS-5 together with a slot for 1,500 gold, and increased discounts (10%) on Adrenaline and all provisions, as well as an option to purchase one more Garage slot using credits. Level I-III equipment slots will be available at a discount for those with clan Supply level VIII-X.
  • A new Premium tank—IS-2Sh—will be introduced. It will be awarded in the Field Test event.
  • A new camouflage “Man’s Best Friend” will be available for gold.
  • A special Armoured Persona camouflage will be available for the STA-1. Unlock cost – 2,100 gold with a free refill.
    Until Update 3.9, there will be a 90% discount on the cost of immediate unlock of each new equipment slot.
  • Upon unlocking a slot (using credits/Spare Parts), equipment becomes available after a certain period of time, the timer’s duration depends on a vehicle’s Tier and equipment level.

Fixes and Improvements

  • The IS-7 with the Battle-hardened camouflage applied will change its name in battle.
  • The Panther 8,8 was added to the Hunter medal description.
  • On the Canal map, an unplanned passage to the top of the hill near the dam was removed.
  • An opportunity to enable/disable notifications in the Settings was added. (Win 10, Mac)
  • The position of the vehicle indicator in Sniper mode was fixed. (Desktop)
  • The issue, where a badge for invites to a training room was displayed in the Platoon section of the sidebar menu, was fixed.
  • The issue, where a badge for unread chat messages was displayed after the player entered the game when there were no unread messages, was fixed.
  • For the Conqueror, the turret was renamed the Centurion Mk. III*.
  • The display of the penetration zones for the IS-3 Defender was fixed.
  • Long loading time for the Equipment screen was fixed.
  • Incorrect rounding of the shell reloads time value for the Helsing H0 was fixed.
  • The issue, where the tracks of the Jagdpanzer E 100 were rotating in different directions, was fixed.
  • The issue, where the textures of vegetation and vehicle tracks failed to render, was fixed.
  • The collision model for the Т-54 was fixed.
  • Game description and notification texts were reworked.
  • Different screens were reworked.
  • General bugs and client crashes were fixed.
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