Destiny 2 Beta Impressions, Here are all the Details in Case you Missed it

The next chapter of Bungie’s science fiction will launch on September 6 on PS4. A beta version was released earlier this week with an early access starting on July 18.

The opening of Destiny 2 is at the same time spectacular and cataclysmic. The disciplined force that is known as the Red Legion is trashing up the Last City. They are sending Guardians and civilians into the chaos. The Red Legion leader Dominus Ghaul is planning to get the light of the Traveler as his own. This seems successful. This glimpse highlights the desire Bungie has to push storytelling in a new direction, that will put an attention to the heroes.

Stepping out into the main Tower courtyard to see everything in ruin truly is a gut-wrenching affair, given how many of us spent our time there planning the next mission. The last moment of the opening act will leave any Guardian wanting to rush the time and to come September.

destiny 2 beta impressions

Destiny 2 has some serious refinements that will appeal to the veterans and the newcomers similar. The Inverted Spire Strike is proving a tantalizing glimpse of what is to come this September.

The decision that Bungie made, to tilt Strikes one or two steps closer to the Raid format, it is an interesting thing to observe. In the Inverted Spire Strike, an extended platforming sequence led to a perilous action set piece amidst the grinding drills of an oversized mining machine. In a battle that has three phases and multiple room configurations, the Inverted Spire had equal doses spectacle and strategy. The hand cannons and the auto rifles packed a bigger punch. So, we are all waiting to see the sniper rifles and fusion rifles coming to the Power weapon class.

Destiny 2’s Crucible had some changes, the switch to smaller, more intimate 4v4 matches chief among them. This change will make PvP in Destiny 2 feel team-oriented and more exciting. The countdown feels more like D1’s Trial of Osiris, but not exactly the same. Control is similar to the original implementation, but with smaller and tighter maps. The game also has some quality-of-life upgrades.  In the beta version, this kind of matches tended to kick off with players immediately to the B point or going around and trying to steal the opposite team’s home point. Other changes that we noticed were:

destiny 2 beta impressions

  • The power ammo spawns frequently, but it is a drop point on a wall rather than being a crate on the ground. It only goes to the player who pulls it.
  • The control points no longer need to be neutralized before capturing them. If you are standing on an enemy-controlled point, now it will cede control to your team.
  • Points do not cap faster if there are multiple Guardians standing on them.
  • If you get shot while reviving a fellow Guardian, it will reset the revive time. This will make players think twice if its safe to get out and get that res.
  • There is no longer Alpha/Bravo team. When you will enter a match, the team intro screen will read “ Your Team”
  • Sniper rifles are de-emphasized, and they are now categorized as “Power” weapons. This means that they can be only used by a player who will manage to grab one of the limited Power ammo drops.
  • Callouts are built in now, under your radar. In the high-level competitive play, the players agreed on names specific for each map, so they can quickly feed info to their teammates about their enemies and their status.

destiny 2 beta impressions

If you notice any upgrades or changes that are not in this post, please let us know in the comments.

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