Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Next Update will fix the “unable to zoom in after being revived” bug

It seems like players started abusing the power to shoot underwater in one of the most realistic games out there, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. That being said, Bluehole has finally found a good reason to start patching things up, as that bug may hurt the fans playing the game. Furthermore, the upcoming Early Access Week 16 will get rid of a known bug that disables people to use zoom in after being revived (if they died while zoomed in with a scope), which is one of the reasons people lose matches just like that. The patch is scheduled to come out on the Test Servers tomorrow, on July 12, and is scheduled to go on the live servers on July 13.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

There will be both server and client side improvements as Bluehole aims to get rid of the Early Access tag and make the final call on the official release. Oh, and do not worry you’ll no longer need to click F on already destroyed doors in order to get in or out of a building.

What appears funny is that the 16th overall Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds patch will fix really annoying issues, and if compared to other games, those issues are ones that make players stop playing games for good.

Below you can find the full changelog of PUBG’s 16th overall patch:

Client Performance

  • Optimized Care Package airplane
  • Improved UI performance

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the starting airplane became immobile in sky at the very start of a round
  • Fixed inventory display issue on 4:3 resolution
  • You can always spectate your teammate’s screen in color now
  • You can no longer fire weapons in a vehicle from underwater
  • Fixed an issue when you could not pick up mags from some areas of the lobby (starting island)
  • You no longer have to press the F key to pass through doors destroyed by grenades or Red Zone bombs
  • Fixed an issue whereby if you got knocked out while zooming in with a scope, you won’t be zooming in when revived
  • Fixed an issue when grenades were not available to throw periodically
  • Fixed an issue of armed weapon not getting displayed on HUD UI, when switching weapons with number keys while having inventory open
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