Out of Reach New Patch 0.30.0 Reworks Skills and Achievements and Adds Shipwreck Events

I am pretty sure you’ll open your eyes wide looking for storms because that’s where a pirate ship may have crashed carrying the equipment you need! Space Boat Studios decide to bring these changes in patch 0.30.0 as Out of Reach will receive various improvements as well as the reworked skills and achievements. Out of Reach has both improved its gameplay and become a more interesting game to play.

The patch still doesn’t seem to be stable, as the developers need you to give your feedback. As we said, Out of Reach will offer new and reworked skills and achievements, which means that you have 8 classes to develop by doing certain jobs and 3 skills in each of them to level up with the skill points. See pic below:

As far as for the 0.30.0 patch, the most exciting news are probably the new type of events with a possibility to gear yourself up for free. The event triggers when announced on your HUD and you’ll be able to see the place of the crash on your map. It’s simple as that. Newcomers might find these events very useful as others may struggle competing them. The biggest concern about the shipwrecks event is that people will start to camp the spawn areas, which is kinda bad because if they own good gear they will simply push the others out of the event’s distance, claiming it for themselves in an easy way.

Below, you can find the other improvements that came within patch 0.30.0:

  • Fixed pirate hats and helmet issues causing heads to pop out
  • Fixed and updated UI: tooltip shows shield’s stats now
  • Fixed and updated UI: tools show bonuses
  • Pirates don’t attack respawning players and let them live for a moment
  • Fixed AI issues on servers hosted by Nitrado
  • Fixed issues causing players to stuck inside merchants’ ships
  • Decreased armor’s speed reduction by 20% (pirate’s armor by 40%)
  • Improved swimming, players can dive using mouse (A and D or C and SPACE still work)
  • Updated mines on Steel island – should spawn more ores along cave river, reachable from boats
  • The new version of translations

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