Bluehole Will Finally Start Upgrading Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’ Servers

Of course, you have to upgrade your Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds servers ASAP, because you do not want to see the “One Million Boomerang” hitting you back. What you seed is what you get. Bluehole has come to a conclusion and they will finally start working on their server architecture, with an aim to improve it and make it robust and suitable for a higher player peak.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Without denying the achievement of One million concurrent players during the Early Access, it is hard to maintain the code and also keep a healthy community. For now, everyone seems satisfied of what the game offers. But, having sold millions of copies, Bluehole should start polishing the game ASAP.

I wouldn’t like to estimate how much they’ve gotten in the past and where should all the money be used on. But, Bluehole should definitely start working on their game like never did before. Those recent server issues are starting to be a pain. That results in nothing else but a bad community attitude. To be honest, no one likes that.

Bluehole Decision to Fix is LIVE

Back to the Subject, Bluehole has established that they need to upgrade their servers and that’s what will be happening throughout the following period. They surely know how hard is to maintain highly anticipated servers. More precisely, 1+ million concurrent players.

Cool Fact: If I, for an instance have sold that many PUBG copies, I would definitely hire the best developers in the world to keep on working on the health and stability of the game in general. However, I am not Brendan Greene or any part of Bluehole so I can somehow involve in whatever is happening.

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