As Every Year, Is it FIFA 18 or PES 2018?

I mean, it’s a matter of preference and you know it. However, there’s something new to add to this subject since I am currently living in a country that everyone favors PES 2018 the most. Speaking for myself, I definitely find FIFA 18 by far better than PES 2018. It’s one of those questions, whether you love to play with MAN RED or with Manchester United?

EA Sports has put all their effort in creation of the best looking next-gen soccer game, while Konami remains the same, simply said, a non-refurbished company who tends to keep things simple instead of adding a bit of fanciness to their game.

There are countless of reasons why FIFA 18 beats PES 2018, and we’ll talk about some in here.


One of the biggest reason why a player decides to choose FIFA 18 over PES 2018. It has been a big issue and still is in Konami’s PES 2018.


As we move year by year, EA Sports seems to always re-polish their atmosphere by adding some new crowd chants and noises you hear. On the other side, we have PES 2018 with their normal yet boring chants year after year.


No doubt FIFA 18 is better on this field. Having all the new menus and animations refined, FIFA 18 simply looks richer against PES 2018’s old looking menus. Konami doesn’t seem to care about how the game looks at all. What I assume is they probably think that people are stupid so it’s better to leave the same looking menu so they know what they’re doing. Nope, it’s a big mistake and Konami should definitely consider improving themselves in this area.


Probably the most important factor is the gameplay. This is also what PES 2018 aims to improve yearly, while FIFA 18 seems like it’s flowing with it year after year since 2012. Why Fifa 2012? Because it was the beginning of something new. Now, everyone has their own opinion on the gameplay, and as I said, people in my country seem to love PES 2018 more than FIFA 18. I honestly do not know why, but they always think that FIFA suffers from lots of bugs.

Dribblings and tricks, as in any other FIFA before, they look quite better than what PES offers, even if they’re a bit clunky. PES 2018 on the other side, owns a more stable gameplay every fan is used to play. But, this just unveils the reason we’ve spoken about earlier. PES doesn’t tend to make big changes while EA is eager to create the best and most dynamic soccer game in the world.

Passing, Shooting and Crossing title goes to PES 2018, as again, players are used to what they see year after year. It’s not the same with EA sports, and I definitely support that kind of move rather than just presenting the same and boring work for years.

I do not know about you, but my choice is FIFA 18, until Konami decides to do some changes, thus get licensing so we can play with our proper favorite teams. I do not want to leave an impression as it is a VS article, but I definitely want to ignite the creativity in both EA and Konami.

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