Pokemon Go Gen 3 Recommendations on What Is and Isn’t Safe Idea to power Up

Hopefully, soon Pokemon Go players will see Gen 3’s debut. Niantic haven’t released an official date for the new Pokemon Generation yet, but there is a rumor circling around that Gen 3 will join the game very soon. Who knows, maybe tomorrow.

Because of this, the Trainers are extremely cautious of which Pokemon to use the Stardust on because they might be replaced by the newer ones. Down below, thanks to Gamepress, we have a list of Pokemon that are safe from replacement.

Tyranitar: This is one of the few Pokemon that have gotten better as the time goes by. No Pokemon is close to intimidating this Dark-type DPS in Gen 3. Until Gen 6 is released (the legendary Yveltal), Tyranitar will remain as the supreme Dark-type DPS Pokemon.

Mewtwo: Using your stardust on Mewtwo will be safe throughout Gen 3. When Deoxys gets released, it might threaten to take Mewtwo’s title as the top DPS Psychic-type Pokemon, but based on the base stats in its normal form, Deoxys is a little too fragile to rate.

Raikou/Zapdos: These two legendary beasts are competing for the title of the best Electric-type attacker. Raikou is leading right now because it has only one weakness and also has the charge move Wild Charge. Zapdos though has a higher attack stat and some key resistances.

Next, we are listing the Pokemon that are not that safe to invest in them when Gen 3 comes, because they may be replaced.

Dragonite: Investing in this Pokemon is not likely to be a waste. Dragonite is a top counter to all four tier 5 raids right now. Mewtwo currently is in a competition with Dragonite of who is the best neutral DPS gym attacker, but Dragonite can handle nearly everything Focus Blast and Shadow Ball Mewtwo can with one moveset. While Salamance has 14 more base attack and can possibly be better than Dragonite, Dragonite is probably one of the best options in the game at this moment. When the Legendary Dragon-type Pokemon come, this Pokemon can only be replaced by Rayguaza.

Machamp: We highly recommend to power up Machamp, because of its performance in the current meta. But do have in mind to power up only 2-4 Machamps, rather than a full team of 6, because of the Gen 3 threats.

Rhydon: When you are doing a Raikou raid, the best choice is Rhydon. Because the powerful Steel-types are coming from Gen 3, Rhydon might see a rise in its value. This though will not happen if Swampert, Donphan or Flygon get better Ground-type movesets.

Swampert’s Water secondary-typing will allow it to resist the Steel-type Pokemon’s attacks. Donphan, can take neutral damage from the Steel-types while retaining its 2x immunity. Flygon has an amazing resistance to Electric-types, having a 3x resistance with the Dragon secondary-typing.

The following Pokemon will not be replaced in Gen 3, but there is no point in wasting your stardust. They all have unique roles, but it’s better to power up Pokemon like Dragonite, Tyranitar or Mewtwo.

Lugia: This Legendary can make Machamp raids look easy, and the massive bulk which is making it a solid gym attacker. Even though this looks like Lugia is just as valuable as Dragonite, that is not the case. You only need 1 or 2 Lugias to power up rather than a whole team. Lugia will not be replaced in Gen 3.

Gengar, Scizor, Pinsir, Gyarados, Vaporeon, Entei, Moltres, and Exeggutor: On the one hand these Pokemon are the best in their category. Gengar is the best Ghost-type attacker, Scizor and Pinsin are the best Bug-type attackers. Gyarados is the second best Dark-type DPS that can resist Fighting-type attacks. Vaporeon is the ultimate Water-type attacker. Entei and Moltres fight for the title as the best Fire-type attacker and Exeggutor can only worry about Sceptile because it is a quite good Grass-type attacker. On the other hand, they are quite limited in what they can and cannot do.

Gamepress advise to power up attackers rather than defenders. If you really want to power up a defender, that should be Blissey, Snorlax or Chansey. If Gen 3 puts a veto on having the same species, powering all of these up will be a complete waste. But we do not know whether this will happen, and it might happen at any time. This is why you should power up only the ones that you will really need for a raid.

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