Destiny 2 Peer-to-Peer Connection Leads to Huge DDoS Issues

You create the biggest, or at least you try to create the biggest MMO in the world like Destiny 2 and yet you decide to use Peer-to-Peer instead of dedicated servers. Well, it’s not anyone’s fault Bungie would rather count the money instead they land any kind of support. Their choice is to get the maximum profit and to easier manipulate their costs without having any further headaches. Well, that day is about to finish as Destiny 2 players are as one on Reddit, at least when it comes to this issue.

Destiny 2

DDoS, the old pal and reason why no single developer should go for Peer-to-Peer networking instead of Dedicated matchmaking servers. Those affected by it are those whos IP Addresses are probably dedicated and their connection is being choked out of the game and possibility to use their internet connection to even browse.

This has been reported earlier today on Destiny 2’s official Reddit page, where players actually experienced this problem a while ago. It really feels bad. From what we can see is that the whole community speaks as a whole. Everyone is anticipating the thread and leaves at least one common thought on the DDoS attacks. Bungie remains silent, yet the issue grows bigger. Destiny 2 is one of the MMO games that should have a longer life cycle, and yet devs decide to go with Peer-to-Peer.

It appears that the same people keep on doing it, as some other players have encountered them as well. After Activision and Sledgehammer decision to probably go with dedicated servers for CoD: WWII, it may turn out that Bungie will have to prepare their own Dedicated servers otherwise, it may turn out to be a complete disaster. At last, look what happened to For Honor… even if the developers included dedicated servers… it’s a bit too late.

As for us, we’ve been speaking about this in lots of other articles, explaining that Dedicated Servers are as core as the game and any future big game company that might read this should think twice before deciding to go with p2p.

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