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Nioh: Complete Edition

Nioh PC 4K High Settings GTX 1080 TI Frame Rate Performance Test

As always, we just love following DudeRandom84 and he’s amazing and recognizing work he does. Working on Nioh Frame Rate Performance Test, it appears that the game’s requirements are pretty intense at 4K. At most of the parts throughout this video, the game seems to hold under 60 FPS on 1080 TI, including some lag spikes because of performance.

Nioh PC Frame Rate Performance Test

It appears that Nioh and it’s disastrous commands port how I love to bring it down, it’s a high demanding video game, choking over a Titan GPU and a high-end CPU Kaby Lake 7700K. DudeRandom84 has been doing such an amazing work with all his recent Frame Rate Performance tests and comparisons, and he truly deserves all the fame.

I guess the 4K res, high grahics options and its demands speak for itself. On the other side, judging by Nioh’s community, the game seems to offer an addictive gameplay.



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