Bridge Constructor Portal is a high IQ demanding Puzzle game

If you want to find out how intelligent you are, there are various types of IQ demanding games, and yet we have found the right one. Bridge Constructor Portal is a new game released before a week and emerges the elements of Bridge Constructor and Portal. The game adds AI elements from Portal, the puzzle platform game developed by Valve, which hardens the mission.

Bridge Constructor Portal

At later stages, your IQ emulates into a needed resource to pass levels, just as in Portal 2. The game looks entertaining at first look, but may also make you quite mad, so be cautious before attending the journey. Namely, all that players need to do is construct bridges so the test vehicles may pass through the sturdy and non-breakable platform.

You have architecture elements to use and play with, but the thing is that you’ll need to have the real architecture knowledge to build bridges successfully. The game speaks for itself, and its difficulty adds a good amount of fun. The game offers 60 different levels, and they get a lot harder as you progress through. Mark my word, your IQ will shatter after you try the game and find out you’re failing because of stupid mistakes each time.

However, Clockstone has done a fantastic job forming the puzzles. Simply said, it’s a brand new era where 2d games have their swing again. If you’d love to find out more about Bridge Constructor Portal you can visit the official Steam page. Below you can find one of the game’s official gameplay trailers.


Angel Kicevski

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