Destiny 2 Game Director Christopher Barrett has fulfilled his promise and addressed the community, defining future updates

Destiny 2 Game Director Cristopher Barrett has finally got a plan regarding future updates. The developer team has eventually forged a plan regarding Destiny 2’s future, and it contains a lot of changes regarding content, balance, Crucible and more. In fact, both PVE and PVP players have extended the elaboration of some particular changes.

We have witnessed quite some problems regarding XP, Balance PVE and PVP encounters in the past year, which has made no room for the community except to raise their voice on Reddit. Therefore, Christopher has decided to make a change. Almost 2 weeks in 2018, Christopher has introduced the community to some of the plans. The list of changes is quite big, and the biggest elaboration is yet around how Mods play into the Bright Engram economy.

The community’s response to Christopher’s thread on Reddit is hardly anticipated by a lot of players who have spent a long time in Destiny 2. Below, you can find all the seasonal changes coming to Destiny 2, and overwatch the response by its community.

DESTINY 2 – DEVELOPMENT UPDATE 1-11-18 from DestinyTheGame

As a gaming portal, we would love to avoid further comments, as we’re still evaluating the outcome of any of the listed changes. It is a stormy 2018 coming to Destiny 2 with lots of changes announced, and we’re eager to find out how’s everything going to play out.

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