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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 4K Res Low FPS struggles are real

As we have mentioned it before, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an excellent title judging by its story and gameplay it offers. But, when it comes to optimization and performance, it is an actual killer. On PC, players are struggling to find their comfort in some of the demanding areas, for which a lot of users are disappointed.

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As a proof of the case, we have DudeRandom84 with yet another video. This time, DudeRandom84 has decided to do a Kingdom Come: Deliverance benchmark playing on a 4K resolution. He is using a GTX 1080 TI and 8700K, for which it is considered as quite a beasty combo.

According to the performance test below, the game is a real fun killer. As you progress through, there are even more demanding areas, for which may give you a painful time when trying to enjoy Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We’ve been playing on a lower graphics settings and managed to do good, but playing on a 4K resolution on PC is just unacceptable. You can watch the performance test down below.



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