PUBG celebrates its first birthday with Weapon Skins and a humble gift for all players

After playing for some time and having fun and view of the new skins on the test Servers, the changes have arrived on the live ones. Bluehole has included weapon skins and a new Raider crate containing Weapon Skins that players may open without a key. As a celebration of its first anniversary, all players have received a new weapon skin for free.

Below you can find the gifted weapon skin each player has already received:

Free Scar-L Weapon Skin

It was about time for PUBG to receive new weapon skins as most of the games do. Embracing the cosmetic items is a win-win situation both for the devs and community, and we finally have the chance to welcome them in PUBG. Even if the game offers the most basic weapon skins, for now, it will receive improvements, or maybe a workshop in future so players could develop their unique weapon skins and submit them for a review before any approval.

Below you can find the new Raider Crate, most likely containing new weapon skins. I know you all hate duplicates, but it is what it is…

The other Crate is Triumph Crate, holding a better-looking Weapon Skins than the usual ones. However, this crate also contains some basic patterns, so we do not know which one’s better to choose.

Currently, the Triumph Crate is selling at a price of $4.30, and people could make quite a budget by just selling those crates on the Steam Market if they’re lucky enough to get them Randomly.

That’s when the new PUBG evolution begins, and for now, the only matter is the time. Despite this change, the next update should include the unique 4×4 map, which is a lot smaller and expected to exclude vehicles. It is supposed to offer quite dynamic and explosive gameplay, pushing players to engage and react faster according to the barrier.

We’re excited about PUBG’s future and looking forward to any furthering updates.

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