PUBG’s new Sanhok Map surely reminds of Arma 3’s Tanoa

Did you say something about Jungle foliage? Well, whether you’ve played Arma 3 or not, it is easy to confirm that the new PUBG map surely looks something similar to Arma 3’s Tanoa, especially in some specific areas.

We have been enjoying Arma 3’s Tanoa content and all the Jungle foliage it offered. Now, PUBG’s new Savage map has somewhat managed to bring the old Tanoa vibes. Even though it’s a lot smaller than Tanoa, some areas together with its Jungle environment bring a glimpse of the big and famous Tanoa.

Even though two of the maps are entirely different because of multiple reasons, different engine, size, etc… they still have the same feeling, despite the fact that PUBG has lowered the amount of noise and Jungle foliage across the whole map. However, we can find many similarities in both, and they both share the same Tropical Rainforest climate.

Not to forget, some of the houses look quite similar. By being a bit nostalgic I took my liberty to make a couple of pictures and compare. You may find the images down below:

Sorry! I wasn’t able to just run around in PUBG and try to find many places. I honestly hope that you’ll somewhat notice that both of the maps have a lot in common.

I believe those who haven’t played Arma 3 will say it’s not similar at all. However, on the opposite side, many players who have committed to Arma 3 and Tanoa already know the similarities these two maps have. We guess that the new 4×4 map is Brendan Greene’s idea, and we’re thankful for bringing back the nostalgic vibes once again.

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