Wild West Online will release on Steam in May

After all, Wild West Online will release on Steam on May 10. Even if the game is already available to play by buying it directly from their official website, it appears that the game will enter Steam’s library as well. One thing remains unknown, and that is the game’s phase after it releases on Steam. Whether is going to be an Early Access game or not, it remains to be seen.

Below you can watch the Steam Date Announcement trailer:

Wild West Online is Wild West themed MMO which is a resemblance to Red Dead Redemption. Wild West Online has been available for paid early access since November. Its gameplay includes a lot of PvP events and rewards for those anticipating it, alongside the countless of cosmetics and weapon skins. Despite the PvP content, there will also be a PvE, encouraging players to stay put in the game and grind their way out.

WWO Partners have claimed that side missions will also be a thing, allowing players to choose between multiple in-game activities.

As of numerous other games on Steam, it may awaken third-party trade facilities because of its vast amount of cosmetics. It all remains to a fact of how popular the game will become after its release. Together with its release, the patch 0.8 will also be developed, including social hubs, public events, and character and weapon customization.

Just a reminder, those who opt-in to buy the game before release on Steam, will still receive a Steam Key upon purchase after it releases on Steam.

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