Bethesda is ready to overtake this year’s E3 attention!

Well… that… sounds… amazing… already! It appears that Bethesda is ready to completely overtake this year’s E3 attention with some overwhelmingly positive presentations. Oh yes! I’d love to see that if you ask me, but will it be enough?

We have the man! I mean, the man on Twitter, Pete Hines. Well, the man himself tweeted out that he’s excited about this year’s Bethesda’s attendance at E3. He also said that this may be Bethesda’s most extended showcase ever. By hearing this from an insider, there’s no room for further questions than to embrace the moment Pete is carrying.

After multiple controversial statements and somewhat crazy events, we genuinely believe that Bethesda may finally and thoroughly reveal RAGE 2. But, wait! There’s some catch in this story. You probably remember Walmart’s unauthenticated (leaked) listing of RAGE 2, which had caught up the developer’s attention and resulted in somewhat of a hardcore troll. If you have missed that, do not forget to visit our previous article which covered the whole event.

A day after the twisted situation, Bethesda posted series of photos, and one of them contained the Big Ben, which teases a fact that a release of something will occur on May 14. After that image, Bethesda next tweet included a character’s image from their 2010’s RAGE.

There’s no reasonable explanation about this except admitting there’s an upcoming RAGE 2 game. Now, let’s get back to this year’s Bethesda’s E3 schedule and follow up Pete Hines tweet. According to recent rumors, Bethesda’s E3 performance might include Fallout New Vegas 2, Doom 2, The Elder Scrolls 6, RAGE 2, and probably The Elder Scrolls Switch. However, it remains to be seen. In the spirit of E3, we guess everyone is allowed to predict the outcome of each AAA developer.

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