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Epic Games released a new Fortnite iOS update, Coming to Android Soon!

So far so good, it’s running smooth, and it has everything the regular game has in our every day’s encounter. But, Epic Games has decided to take another step and improve the mobile game further. It appears that the Quality of Life updates are critical when it comes to the mobile version of the game. Therefore Epic Games picked to push some updates that will, in general, improve the¬†gameplay experience.

Some of the changes affect the UI, Game performance, stats and stability fix considering it’s Epic Games’ primary concern. Numerous of reported issues have dealt with extermination. This update mainly changes the UI, which allows a player to customize the look and feel of it, thus making them eligible for placing their favorite action buttons according to their will.

Moreover, Epic Games will add Voice Chat to the mobile version of the game, stating that voice chat is a crucial factor for having a decent game performance. Alongside that, simple features like mute, push to talk, open mic, etc. will be added to the game.

However, the biggest excitement comes to a statement that we’ve heard in the past, and now it confirms the originating story. Epic Games has posted the changes made to Fortnite Mobile on their official website, creating an even more exciting statement, and that is Fortnite is coming to Android this summer!

Overall, we have a smooth and stable product that is about to expand its popularity across another mobile OS. May the analysts excited for comparison on which game is better between PUBG and Fortnite regarding popularity rise up and make this whole story funnier than ever before. Oh yes, we’ll be monitoring them as well.



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