PUBG focuses on bringing further improvements, anti-cheat priority

As you know, PUBG is keen on bringing new content, content that is always considered to be a quality-of-life. Therefore, the developers have noted that the game shall make another step towards further improvements soon. In a recent Dev Letter, the developers have transparently given their aims. Most of them regarding optimization and performance, server-side fixes, and anti-cheat systems.

Having all of them three as a hot topic and essential flaw to be fixed, it is somewhat the best to escort the devs’ opinion on how everything would work. Namely, we have received a vast content over the past period, including a new map, new vehicles, weapons and mods balance, etc.

This time, the developers have turned their focus upon something else, and mainly center around performance optimization. As since the beginning, the devs stated that PUBG’s frames have been suffering due to quickly rendered materials when vehicles are driven over them, and therefore they’ll be attending this fix that shall prevent GPU overload. Lightning effects had the same adverse effects, for which are also being addressed.

Now, what comes next? As the developers stated, in the next period, PUBG will focus on improving both server-side and client-side performance, which is going to contribute to much smoother gameplay for everyone. On the server-side, many game developing companies find it tough to beat with the netcode issues. Same happens in PUBG, for which the developers already hinted they’re familiar with some of the persistent netcode problems that are about to be fixed.

With that being said, PUBG’s community should be proud of themselves and keep that supportive attitude. Especially since the developers keep their clean sheet notes full of changes available to everyone to observe, which is most likely an issue with some other developing companies. However, one of the best and most important investments and focus is the anti-cheat system, and PUBG has no means of letting it go as it is. Changes are being done on a daily basis to cleanse the wrong people out of the game. The creators of the hacks and cheats are also being perished by taking legal actions against them, as some of the suspects were already dealt with.

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