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Unity with a major upgrade 2018.1, prepare for evolution

Unity Technologies announced that a significant upgrade is available for their widely used cross-platform game engine, Unity. Unity is designed to make the job done easier and enhance the creation of 2D and 3D video games. Well, now that we have a considerable upgrade 2018.1 available, we should expect an improvement boost in almost every Unity-developed video game.

As the press release reads, the new update is designed to make the job even more comfortable for all the artists, developers, and engineers to grasp their AAA dreams and turn them into reality.

Unity 2018.1 adds numerous features alongside the already existing ones. Knowing that there are multiple good-looking games with really high potential, this update may be the engaging portion full of surprises that will lead the projects to a greater good.

Some of the new additions:

  • Scriptable Render Pipeline – Transforms the power of modern hardware and GPUs into developer’s hand without the need of writing multiple C++ lines. SRP is here to allow more natural customization of the rendering pipeline via C# code. The High Definition Render Pipeline on the other side, is the perfect tool for AAA developers, while the Lightweight RP is for those looking for speed and optimizations.
  • Entity Component System – Gain a full advantage over multicore processors with the help of a new runtime system. No more extra painful coding and relief in optimizing the needed sequence. It will allow developers to gain advantage and speed, perfecting their required time and enabling faster development of certain things.

For more detailed info about the new enhancements, you can check Unity’s official blog page.



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