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Fallout 76 to include Stealth that will allow players to disappear from the map

Fallout 76 is the game we all love to go deep in and discover lots of features that will offer despite the fact it’s not released. Well, one thing remains sure, and that is that the world will be entirely PVP dependant, in which it means we need to increase our level of awareness before moving any further and more in-depth.

For further exciting facts, we have Jeff Gardiner, project lead for Fallout 76, who recently discovered one interesting ability. The ability he was talking about is going Stealth, which will allow players to conceal themselves for the duration. We knew that this has been possible previously, however, this time by considering the open-world will be PVP related, it will allow the players to conceal themselves off the map entirely.

This has been confirmed in the following video, claiming those who want to enjoy playing more stealthier will finally have the chance to do so.

The feature will most likely contribute to exciting gameplay which is going to be an initiator in setting up traps and baits so that you could overcome other human players.



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