Fallout 76 is striving to include the best possible PVP experience

Fallout 76 will be an online-only multiplayer game and will in-fact consider inputting a lot of elements that are about to enhance the PVP experience for everyone. Therefore, Todd Howard has stated numerous features in a recent interview for, declaring the vicinity and impact of the open-world PVP.

Many people believe they won’t have a breathing room in Fallout 76 and the invented gameplay will most likely collapse. However, Todd Howard has stated the opposite, proving that many features will be newbie friendly and will allow players to grasp the beginning of the game with ease.

New and coming players to Fallout 76 will always be safe from enemies unless they get a higher level. The vulnerability of a player opens at level 5. Namely, that’s the level where the PVP officially begins. Anything below level 5 is indestructible when it comes to human players on the map. This will allow players to familiarize with the whole environment and gameplay mechanics before they step up to the test and jump in a PVP mission of their own.


On the question about shelter building, Todd Howard explained that any shelters in possession of a player would disappear off the world if he disconnects. However, this question opens another scratch whether or not players could be available to build in the same place after the shelter is gone. What happens then? Todd’s answer to this question is holding a very strange info. Namely, he said that the world is too big to build anywhere you’d love to, which doesn’t determine what happens if another camp is built on the same position as yours in the meantime. Simply said, according to him the occasion to build on the same spot is very rare.

Furthermore, when it comes to camps, players will be able to move their camps at any given time. Players that do not love other camps next to theirs can either opt out of their firm position or begin action in destroying the enemy shelter to hold the upper hand by pursuing other players to move.

Weather and Day/Night cycle

Fallout 76 will include different weather and day/night cycle which is somewhat a healthy choice in correlation with the camps issue. It will allow players to perform evasive maneuvers whenever they love to, thus spicing up the PVP gameplay experience.

Fast Travel

Even though Todd Howard stated that there would be a fast travel option, we assume that it will become available at a certain level. Otherwise, players could abuse the system without thoroughly experiencing the open-world in Fallout 76. However, it’s quite an important feature and is very welcoming to become active at a given stage. Since there will be no other taxi services, the Fast Travel will be the only common focus to travel fast between certain checkpoints on the map.

We’re excited to witness Fallout 76’s progress as soon as it comes out. No matter the struggle (if any occurs), Fallout 76’s sounds like a quite fantastic title to anticipate this year.

Fallout 76 comes out on November 14, 2018.

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