Pokemon Go New PermaBan Wave Went Live, Account Termination is Real

Trainers, Niantic is very serious when it comes down to breaking the ToS. They’re so strict that they even started to terminate those accounts that failed to change their ‘style’ of playing Pokemon Go and kept on violating Pokemon Go’s ToS and Trainer Guidelines.

Back in July, 2018, Niantic introduced the new Three-Strike cheating policy, giving spoofers/cheaters three chances to change their way of playing the game and keep their accounts safe. Some kept on playing and eventually lost their accounts.

Niantic sent a termination notice to Pokemon Go spoofers/cheaters and here is what is says.

Niantic’s banhammer is ‘thirsty for blood’ and permabans are now real, so play fair and have fun!

For more on the Three-Strike Cheating policy see this link.

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Dejan Kacurov

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  1. I don’t think they should have had the three strike rule. Too many chances for cheaters to continue and benefit by just trading off those they did not get by fair play. Should have been one warning to those who violated the ToS only after deleting all the catches that were not common pokemon. Players got to continue keeping those they got by spoofing and that was not right.

  2. First they say 3 strikes………… now permaban instead………….. a company that can not even follow their own rules posted online for everyone to see, or makes them up as they go along deserves to lose everything and go completely under.

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