PUBG Update #19 Adds Realistic Bullet Penetration, Enables 3D Markers and Brings back Dynamic Weather

After the end of PGI 2018, it is time for PUBG to continue developing and enhancing their core parts. Therefore, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds update #19 is now in power, bringing many changes regarding loot, balance, heightened bullet penetration, dynamic weather and more.

Among the many changes, one of the most important, at least for my squad and me is the 3d markers. This update will allow players to place markers without even opening the map, which is going to contribute to a better team-play and enhance the gameplay experience overall. As the developer stated, it will be no longer required to open the map, but clicking ALT + Right Click will place a marker on the aimed spot. A better understanding asset is much appreciated, therefore is believed to be among the best changes PUBG could’ve ever gotten.

Thanks to the players and their feedback, PUBG Corp is ready to give a weather feature a rebirth. Recalling the past, PUBG has decided to reactivate the Dynamic Weather after it has been removed in 1.0. Well, since it’s back, adding fog and rain will undoubtedly change the gameplay perspective of many players. However, as the developer stated, most of the games are expected to be sunny, but whenever you join dark and cloudy weather, expect the unexpected.

Armor Penetration and Bullet Ballistics is also improved. Bullet Pen will enhance its impact and go through any limb. If a hand is blocking the head, the bullet will hit the final destination (the head) and deal the full damage as of headshot.

The Patch #19 also brings some core changes regarding FPS and gets rid of many previously known and unknown Bug Fixes. Looting is also improved. Players will no longer need to make space in their inventory to drop an item (if the backpack is already full). This is also considered to be a nice addition among the many others.

However, the most significant change as we noted is the chance to place markers without opening the map, which allows players to mark tangos on eyesight. To view all of the #19 patch notes, make sure you visit this page. What are your thoughts on these changes? Tell us in the comments below!

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