Escape From Tarkov Update 0.10 Fixes Netcode Issues

Battlestate Games are getting closer to whatever they have imagined in first place by just releasing new patches while the game is still in Closed Beta. As for a Survival game, it pretty much states what exactly the game has to offer, and even after a while most of the players become bored of it, the refreshment table is deployed within a new patch. This time, patch 0.10 which is clearly the favorite out of all.

Out of our own experience, we can clearly state that patch 0.10 puts the game in the right direction by avoiding desync and netcode issues as much as possible. We’ve been able to jump in a few raids, follow the mayhem itself and establish some firm kills that involved no desync issues at all. Everything seems so smooth, just as always after a fresh and smooth server restart.

The 0.10 patch is here to improve animations, include some animations and stuff, but its complexity is expected to revert many previously established fixes as most of the EFT players expect new glitches to be found.

More in details can be found below:

Updated Patch 0.10 notes from EscapefromTarkov

But, leaving them aside, the most important thing players have to experience is the Mosin. The new marksmen rifle is now available, allowing everyone to experience its caustics. It seriously does a good amount of damage despite the used ammo. We’re still dwelling into the new changes, and if we find out something broken or useful, we’ll make sure we post it ASAP.

Angel Kicevski

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