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Method Conquers Antorus

Method, The no.1 Ranked Guild in the World to Live Stream Their Takedown on Mythic Uldir

While many previous guilds have streamed their effort on mythic progress, it will be the first time for Method to do the same. With that being said, when the Mythic difficulty for Uldir releases, Method will take place by live streaming their entirety of progress and allow the fans to get a better understanding on why Method is the best guild in the world.

During previous expansions, it was quite common to notice their success among the top charts on the table. Individual streamers, members of Method have already been noticed on Twitch.tv, sharing their content, but never showcased any of their progress during their Mythic Raid encounters.

Method’s official Twitter profile has also announced the Mythic Uldir World Race, which is going to be a live stream event supported by Red Bull and Discord.


Many people believe that Method has everything it takes to accomplish World’s First achievement in Mythic Uldir. The live stream will feature various of casters that will throw bits of explanations on what exactly is going on.

According to “SCO”, Method’s GM, this change is susceptible to revealing the strategy of their fights to other guilds across the world, which will also allow them to easier conquer their encounters in Mythic Uldir.



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