Mad Box, the next super console reveals its design

Slightly Mad Studios shared the first look of the new and coming console, Mad Box. The first images of the new console were shared on Bell’s official Twitter. We are about to witness a new rivalry.

The new standalone console is here to build a new rivalry despite the already existing once and their heavier swing. The Mad Box console will firmly remind of a PC, starting from its shape all the way to its specifications.

Let’s take a look at it:

The console is considered to be easily portable thanks to the built-in handle at the top. The design definitely looks fancy and somewhat resembles the future of technology. Most of the technology is hardly hit on RGB and extra lighting, so as this.

Coming three years from now, it will have just enough time to develop and improve further despite the fact that the Mad Box console already promises up to 90 fps per eye VR action.

For more details we’ll have to wait a bit longer, and despite the lots of promises regarding the 4K era, it’s safe to say it’s rather moderate than completely finalized.

Below you can find the second image:

What are your thoughts on this one? Tell us in the comments below!

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