A millionaire plans on creating a Real-Life Battle Royale On a Private Island

Some people want to turn video games into reality, and if they have what it takes, it is most likely to see the vision coming true. Similar to any sort of Battle Royale, it will consist of 100 participants who will fight for their life… real life. Rich people can sometimes make bold moves in order to harass the human population but never in a similarity of this caliber.

This time we have a millionaire who’s seeking for an island to properly build it up to suit as a Battle Royale arena. The millionaire has first been exposed on According to them, the intentions are very crisp and clear. The millionaire’s identity is held as anonymous and it probably won’t be discovered at all.

Lucky for everyone, the Battle Royale weaponry will be compiled of Airsoft guns and ammo, with touch-sensitive body armor. The event is scheduled to take place this winter, the year 2019. It is safe to say that this type of event may turn into the biggest reality show ever seen on TV, similar to Survivor.

The investor is seeking for a game maker to come up with ideas and the whole creation process. Probably an organizer that will suit up all the necessary rules for the Battle Royale to be generic. The duration of the Battle Royale will be 3 days, in which 100 people will take place. The winner will get the cheeky prize of £100,000.

If you believe that you’re eligible for the game maker position, you could receive £45,000 for just organizing the whole event.

The millionaire’s intentions have also been presented on, the main site which contributes to helping the investor compile a set of an organization. It will also be considered as the unique registration website for all potential participants. is an online luxury marketplace, selling very expensive products in different categories.

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