Best GTA 5 Whitelisted Role-Playing Servers

GTA V is currently still in incremental phase as the Role Playing is receiving a boost thanks to FiveM and all of the assets they provide with. With a little help of Twitch, the RP communities gained a huge exposure, leading to an excessive amount of players trying to get onboard. We assume you have already tried to follow our guide on how to connect and play GTA V RP. Therefore, you probably already know that servers who require whitelist are the best to play on. Well, we’re here to help you determine the best 3 whitelisted servers.

Do not get me wrong, but all of the other public servers (there are plenty of them), are usually not the main thing you want to join due to multiple reasons. Not everyone on those servers is fully legit and pays attention to the rules. Therefore, the whitelisting operation becomes a huge problem for administrators, since they have to interview the potential role players before entering their server. That way, the administrator gains intel of the current player, together with his intentions and role.

Being a role player is not an easy task to do. You have to deal with “real-life” situations, as that’s the literal meaning and server intention. Otherwise, the mod would have been slightly bit different. Servers that require whitelist are usually more complex, as each one of them offers different possibilities. Players could work, become criminals, join the law force, but they could also do a variety of side jobs.

Overall, it’s all about the fan’s entertainment. The actors on the server are what matters the most, as they’re the ones providing funny content. Whether is that Summit’s Charles Johnson, Lirik’s Avon Barksdale, Sodapoppin’s Kevin Whipaloo, Lord_Kebun’s Chang Gang (I won’t forget you bud), it’s all about the actors in first place.

GTA V Best Whitelisted RP servers

Plausibly, the best RP servers are those requiring players to be whitelisted, as they offer the most fun amongst players who really dwell into the RP life. Below there are three of which one will definitely suit your needs.

1. NoPixel

Before we plunge into the list of servers, we can easily agree that currently, the most popular server is NoPixel. One of the reasons why GTA RP exploded this big. The server owner is also a streamer (Koil), coding on a daily basis in order to bring fresh and interesting content to its players. Not that others skip that part, but there are some servers implementing the discoveries made by others, which in the end are not that savvy in debugging.

Having the best Twitch Streamers onboard, it is considered as the most popular GTA V RP server nowadays. This also led to an application suspension, which surely is a very tedious part of the job at NoPixel. Currently, applications are closed and they’re only available to special users, or more said users with benefits. Most likely of a caliber such as famous Twitch Streamers.

NoPixel has 2 servers available, sharing the same hive between them both. That makes it easier for players to join the server, and play on their very same characters.

2. The Family

The Family RP is usually where all the GTA V Role Players were found before the invention of NoPixel. I remember Buddha walking over to NoPixel just because it is more user-friendly and includes a UI to allow a better gameplay experience. Otherwise, the Family RP is more rough way as most of the actions are handled with slash commands.

The Family RP is also considered as one of the best GTA V RP servers with huge potential. It also requires players to be whitelisted, which is a good thing. After fulfilling everything required on the server, players will be also taken to a public server to monitor their behavior. It is a part of the process, allowing administrators to evaluate players more effectively.

3. Eclipse RP

Another Robust server that requires a handful step to be accomplished in order to be able to join the RP server. All of these servers that require players to be whitelisted first are using custom assets and scripts, that contribute to a much more pleasant gameplay experience.

Unlike other GTA V servers, the Eclipse RP can host up to 200 players at once, which means that locals are less likely to be seen in town. Otherwise, it would cause huge server issues. Eclipse RP is the one to allow a unique role-playing experience, with an imaginable huge law force in town. Try to perform anything stupid and you’re done messed up.

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  1. Sorry to tell you mate, but eclipse is probably where you will have one of the worst experiences if you get to play it. The owners are careless about the community, and fails to see obvious small issues. They’d rather work on a new feature, than fix things like their VOIP system. The VOIP system is a big feature alone, but somehow multiple other servers have implemented it flawlessly on RageMP.

    Before you recommend servers, go and actually play the servers for a little while.

  2. Ignore the person talking about VOIP… the VOIP works absolutely fine. with only rare issues, and on those rare occasions, you type a command and its fixed.

    Furthermore – Eclipse RP can host more than the 200 you listed… it can actually have 1000 players, and does not lag.

  3. Yeah, I spent a few days on Eclipse RP and it is probably not worth putting on this list. Most of the time you’re constantly in danger of being robbed even if you’re just out fishing. On top of that the cops in this server metagame HARD and if you call them out on it they will just bring one of their moderator cop friends to bully you out of reporting them. I had this happen TWICE in a single day on the server. As soon as I was over 1k experience I was getting mugged constantly when trying to do anything even the basic jobs.
    + Most people on here do the absolute bare minimum of RP so they can take advantage of the system.

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