Escape From Tarkov manual account reset interval increased to 3 Weeks

Battlestate Games has just announced that the reset interval in Escape From Tarkov will be increased to 3 weeks. Players will no longer be able to cheese the system by transferring items and them performing a soft account reset just to double things up. This was announced on Battlestate Games official Twitter account.

This is not a complete wipe as players already think. Do not get confused at all. It is about the manual reset and applies only to those who opt into manual reset. Having this change active, players won’t be able to gain a slight advantage as they used to before.

You can find the official tweet below:

That the next manual reset will be open after April 30, 18:30 Moscow time. After that, the time interval of manual reset sticks to 3 weeks. You thought you could avoid grinding without doing necessary things? Well, not in Tarkov.

It is good to see Battlestate Games “battling” against players who seek to gain any sort of unfair advantage in video games such as Escape From Tarkov. Not only on an account-wide level but also in-game.

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