PUBG comeback is on the lookout, upcoming features intrigue retired players

PUBG has grown quite a lot in the past. It appears that players have found a way to distinguish and find their perfect and most favorite game, finally. Thanks to all the recent additions found in PUBG, it appears like we’re on a verge of seeing a huge player base recovery.

Previously, players have disliked a lot of segments in PUBG. The core gameplay, performance issues, lack of features, lack of grinding perspective, and more. It wasn’t really the game wanted by the fans from the getgo. However, recent changes have baffled most of the retired community.

There have been new maps, tweaks, weapons, but not until this moment when PUBG introduced the players to WEAPON MASTERY, an upcoming feature that will help players gain some free rewards. Accordingly, all the weapons in PUBG will have a progression system.

The new Mastery feature will be available to visit from the main menu in PUBG. It will hold information on everything related to the player’s current progress and the mastery level. The same place where players can note their reward progress. See pic below:

Overall, the best setting in the Weapon Mastery system is that nothing will be purchasable, which implies a necessary grinding. Something that PUBG players loved to see in their video games, despite its unknown longevity.

Furthermore, as players progress through the Weapon Mastery, they will also get access to some perks and levels that are also bound to come under the same category. This will somewhat kick in the RPG genre in a Battle Royale video game such as PUBG. We do believe it will get rid of the same old RAW gameplay it currently offers.

Weapon Mastery will also include Mastery Emblems for a much clearer distinction, and players will be able to show off their current progress.

We would love to see PUBG rocking the above million peaks on a daily basis once again. Having the Weapon Mastery coming to the game will surely raise interests, and most of the retired players would rejoin its beauty.

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