God of War Director States a Horror Game is in the Works

David Jaffe, the original director of the game that managed to leave the world shook with its content, God of War, is laboring on a new video game. Slightly different than God of War, the video game in the works may fall under the Horror genre. Not a common genre in modern games, but it may pull a huge upset.

Horror video games are somewhat special, as their content may be quite enjoyable mostly when played with friends. Within twitter feed, Jeff himself stated that he’s working on a new single player horror title. Well, his skills are nothing unusual to develop another mind-blowing title, even though it’s falling in a different genre.

With a narrative-driven story, the new horror game is most likely to be a hit in the video game industry, knowing David Jaffe’s capabilities. Currently, he gives a score of 2/3, which means according to David Jaffe, it is most likely to be a hit than a bummer.

We’ll have to wait a couple of more time to witness the outcome of this project and see what kind of title David Jaffe is talking about. Producing/Writing a single player horror game with a bunch of features/mechanics can be a crucial. We assume as such, it will also possess abilities throughout player’s progress. That kind of thematics is tough to accomplish without encountering any difficulties throughout the work.

Nevertheless, we’re about to receive a new horror game that may become the next big thing in the gaming industry, leaving every horror video game fan baffled.

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