Dota Underlords now has Ranked Mode, Patch Notes released

Dota Underlords is progressing reasonably fast as the developers are pushing updates to enhance the core mechanics. Within the same day, a ranked game mode was added, and we sadly missed the official announcement of it. With another Mid-Week Update, Valve has changed the layout of the placeholders of the additional heroes so that they are no longer misplaced when the camera angle is changed.

Keep in mind that the rank mode is probably included as default, and is scheduled to reset with the official Open Beta release. So far, Dota Underlords has received exclusive changes that look more fitting in the eyes of the Open Beta. From what we know, Valve is completely unhesitant and wants to see the game on the Store, being available to everyone across the globe.

For more precise information on the patch notes, you can take a look at the section below:

  • Enabled Ranked Play: We are enabling this today for a final round of testing. Once Open Beta starts all ranks will be reset.
  • Bot games: Fixed manual advance mode during non-Loot rounds.
  • Unit outlines can now be turned back on via settings.
  • Fixed end game screen not displaying total damage dealt.
  • Fixed Round 1 not playing correctly on the client after you’ve played a bot match.
  • Fixed Windranger and Keeper of the Light interrupting their abilities if their target died.
  • Fixed Venomancer’s Ward growing legs and walking towards a friendly aura.
  • Slightly smaller item icons during prepare phase on PC, with rank above item icons in case they overlap.
  • Fixed selecting units from the bench not working reliably if you changed the default camera angle.
  • Healthbars are now consistently sized across all resolutions.
  • Notifications for Winning Streaks now have FX.
  • Fixed AI pathfinding issues when traveling towards a friendly aura.

Dota Underlords is also available on iOS, Apple, and Android, so that may put you in the queue a lot faster.

Overall, it appears like Valve is deliberately pushing updates to complete the game ASAP and put it in an Open Beta. It is reasonably estimated to see the game in the Open Beta during this weekend or throughout the next week.

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