Pokemon Go Shiny Alolan Pokemon Spawn Rate in the Wild, Analysis by TSR

Trainers, Pokemon Go’s third-anniversary event is now live and players are reporting of seeing Shiny Alolan Pokemon, Shiny Party Hat Pikachu, new Avatar items in the shop, new Jump-Start Research tasks and rewards, Raid bonuses and decreased Stardust for trading.

This is one of the best Pokemon Go events so far, as players can earn up to 405,000 XP, a lot of candies, Lucky Eggs, Stardust and more when completing the Jump-Start Research.

Also, they added Shiny Alolan Pokemon as part of the event, but it seems like they are too hard to find in the wild – only four Shiny Alolan Pokemon are now spawning in the wild.

According to TSR’s analysis, only Shiny Alolan Exeggutor is boosted at the moment, while Rattata and Diglett are not boosted.

TSR posted their analysis/findings on the official TSR Reddit and here are the results based on the current data:

  • Exeggutor’s shiny rate is very boosted. Definitely better than 1 in 100.
  • Rattata, Diglett, and Geodude are likely not boosted. Combined, their 99% CI goes from 1 in 240 to 1 in 725.

In addition, Shiny Alolan Sandshrew, Shiny Alolan Vulpix, Shiny Alolan Meowth and Shiny Alolan Grimer are now hatching from 7KM Eggs.

We hope to see better numbers in the following days, so stay tuned to find out more!

How many Shiny Alolan Pokemon have you seen and caught since June 28? Let us know in the comment section below.

Make sure to share your findings with the TSR team here.

Pokemon Go Shiny Alolan Pokemon Event

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  1. Both of my sons caught Alolan exeggutors today. None for me yet! Hoping for that Ratatta!!

  2. I have caught a shiny diglett so far. I caught i then walked around for half an hour with an incense and caught nothing else.

  3. No shinys for any of my family. We all hard core play and none of us have found a single one. And I have only seen 2 eggecutores total.

  4. I caught a shiny aloan rattata yesterday (6/29) and I caught an alolan geodude today (6/30) 😀

  5. None so far for over 250 tries.

    Not fair they are not releasing many Alolan except in 7km eggs s child accounts cannot get them. Let them spawn in the wild too! Or let child accounts get 7km eggs from pokestops.

  6. zero shiny alolan for me. I have been out all day every day. My girlfriend click on one going towards this past Saturday (6/29) Raikou event and caught a diglet. So not fair. Then my account isn’t really good for shiny pokemon in general.

  7. Those who did not get shiny, don’t blame pokemonGo. If it is as easy as normal Pokémon, it won’t call shiny. Basic.

  8. Shiny Alolan exegutor, shiny Alolan Geodude and a shiny Alolan Diglett all in one day. I couldn’t believe it, I wasn’t even properly looking for them but with my luck, I will start!

  9. The event doesn’t suck, yes they should’ve made all the alolan forms spawn in the wild but alas they did not. I’ve gotten 12 shines since the 28th and that’s amazing seeing as how my account never pops shiny pokemon. So the event could be better but all in all is not that bad. Thanks niantic keep those shiny forms coming.

  10. So far the event has been pretty disappointing. I have clicked untold amounts of Alolan Pokémon, hatched an ungodly amount of 7km eggs, and still nothing. I play this game a lot when I go out walking, which I do to the tune of 55km to 80km in any given week, and it’s kind of discouraging to constantly see the lack of shiny love.

  11. I’ve caught 2 shiny Digletts, one shiny Rattata and one shiny Geodude. One a day since Sunday!!

  12. So far I’ve got one shiny alolan meowth. Really want the shiny alolan vulpix, though! But the shiny alolan meowth looks pretty cool, too.

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