Serious Destiny 2 Season of Opulence Glitch Allows players to get to max power level

With the start of Season of Opulence, there are some entities that are commonly new among the Destiny 2 community. Some of them as a core part of the game, including the new Crown of Sorrow Raid that adds even more content to delve into, but also a couple of flaws that allow players to gain insane Power Level.

Grinding the proper way wouldn’t let you reach the new level cap of 750. Instead, it will take for a while, until a player gets there without using any cheesy strategy. Well, not in this case, as a player has already managed to reach the new cap of 750 power level in a couple of hours after Season of Opulence released.

It’s a word about a reset glitch caused by player’s Gambit Infamy Rank. This glitch is rather simple than complex, and it allowed the player to continuously reset the Gambit Infamy rank, leading to a reward at each take. Therefore, obtaining 750 power level wouldn’t be considered for a surprise anymore.

The video of the glitch has been already reported by the player who first discovered it. In a video material, he showcased how exactly the glitch is working, granting him all the advantage. Nevertheless, the player himself considers it’s just a peculiar encounter, and it’s rather due to a mistake than purposeful reasons.

With that, a lot of Guardians may power level if they find the right source, and this will most likely be addressed in any future patch.

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