Teamfight Tactics Cheat Sheet has already been made

Riot Games has tried but also developed with its new Auto Chess alike video game, Teamfight Tactics. Considered as the most intriguing League of Legends “Auto Chess,” Teamfight Tactics, just a day after release, the game’s already breaking viewership records on Twitch. As such, professional players with an unyielding commitment and strong will have poured themselves into creating a complete Cheat Sheet that could help any newcomer to Teamfight Tactics.

Teamfight Tactics involves a variety of combinations between various characters that have different synergies. There’s also a slice of RNG, just as any other Auto Chess game. Each one of the characters in Teamfight Tactics is unique and considered as a counter to the opposite players when combined appropriately.

The Cheat Sheet has been published by Scarra, which is known by his coaching skills and YouTube channel. He tends to publish guides that may help both the professionals but also newbies. Therefore, the Cheat Sheet published for Teamfight Tactics has been just on the spot, discovering all the synergies between different races and classes, but also items that are fitting to each character.

Below you can find both of the images containing the best synergies and items found in the game:

Currently, the game is pacing through a little patch which disabled the servers so that a couple of alterations could be made. Riot Games has stated that all of the queues will continue, and probably the live matches as well.

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