Donald Mustard Updated his Location on Twitter to Defense System: Active

Ahead of the live event in Fortnite, we have some in real life situations

Donald Mustard, Worldwide Creative Director at Epic Games is known for changing locations ahead of coming events in Fortnite. Just before the Doggus vs. Cattus event, Donald Mustard has changed his location to Defense System: Active.

Now that the last known location is Defense System: Active, it means we’re incredibly close to the upcoming event. It is expected the sacrificial part will be crucial, as each player will have a critical role. It is time for the Power Rangers (players) to collide once again by taking control of the robot.

This fight will probably result in collateral damage for the Fortnite island. Each citizen is endangered, and we, as an individual unit will have the opportunity to fight against the mythical monster that’s swimming in the island surrounding waters.

There’s nothing else to be talking about except the arrival to the upcoming mayhem. How will you approach and what are you going to do to prevent structural damage?

This event has been leaked to a potential map migration, which may move players to a new map. The developers haven’t discovered anything in particular, and they’re keeping it as a strong secret within secure encryption. More about this, however, we’ll have a chance to discover during the live event in Fortnite.

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