Contact’s Livonia is coming to DayZ as part of DLC

Arma 3 Contact's Livonia to make a presence in DayZ

DayZ, the zombie survival, which is quite similar to the real world, is bound to receive another map. The second map will be a part of an upcoming DLC. The name of the upcoming map is Livonia, the second map in DayZ.

Livonia was recently a novelty in Arma 3 as a part of the Contact DLC. In Arma, multiple DLCs have proven as successful and favorited by the players. As Bohemia announced, now it is time for Livonia to join DayZ, offering its beautiful terrain to every DayZ survivor.

Welcome to Livonia – the second official map for DayZ. A 163km2 region of lush green landscapes, dense forestry, serene lakes, winding rivers, and… bears. Stay safe out there, Survivor.

Coming soon to PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Without no exact time of release, we could just assume when the map is going to be available in DayZ. Nevertheless, everyone’s thoughts are that other minor assets are more needed than receiving a brand new content to play. In any case, Bohemia Interactive probably got everything sorted out.

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