Cube World is now available on Steam

The retaliation path of Cube World has begun. The game has finally arrived on Steam, allegedly the best Digital Reseller platform developed by Valve. Cube World is a voxel-based action RPG being in development since 2011, for which after a disappointing period in 2013 its distribution stopped.

The game was only available to purchase throughout Picroma’s official website, for later to notice a long absence. A few years were needed for Wolfram Von Funck, the developer of Cube World to overhaul a couple of mechanics and reconsider re-releasing the product. This time, to correct the mistake, Picroma and Wollay (Wolfram’s alias) have decided to launch the product on Steam.

In Cube World, there is a lot of things available to do. It’s not just another Minecraft alike video game, instead, it goes beyond that. Its RPG elements are confirmed since players can choose a variety of classes, such as Warriors, Rogues, Mages, and Rangers. Each of those classes offers two different specs, diversifying the player experience.

Rogues can choose between Assassins and Ninjas, Mages can choose between Fire Mages and Water Mages, Rangers can choose between Snipers and Scouts, and Warriors can choose between Berserkers and Guardians.

Each spec offers a different set of abilities helpful in overcoming opponents. The beautiful world of Cube World, or dive deeper inside its dungeons and gather the necessary gear to become more powerful. Leveling is also a thing, so your character benefits multiple attributes during level up.

In general, Cube World packs an incredible and satisfactory exploration experience, throughout its quest and level progress. It definitely worths a punch for $19.99.

Multiple streamers have started streaming the game on Twitch, and as it seems so far, the game is entirely polished unlike back in 2013. It offers a good set of fun when played with friends.

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