DayZ is moving 12 PS4 Servers to New Machines, Characters Should Remain Intact

Bohemia Interactive has announced a slight server migration on the PS4 platform. The same server migration process has likewise occurred multiple times throughout the past to offer the players a better gameplay experience. This time, however, the migration is strictly bonded to PS4, as other platforms remain intact.

This action shouldn’t have an impact on the already existing characters and player progress. After the transfer, the migrated servers are going to retain their original name too, which means they will be easy to find.

Below you can find the full list of 12 PS4 servers that are going to be transferred to a new machine:

  • DayZ US – NY 0000 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US – NY 0018 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US – NY 0036 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US – NY 0054 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US – WD 0858 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US – WD 0876 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US – WD 0894 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US – WD 0912 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US – WD 0861 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US – WD 0879 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US – WD 0897 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US – WD 0915 (Persistence ON)

All of these servers should become fully available during the next couple of days after the maintenance window of 2-3 days are over. Over the previous month, multiple PS4 servers and Xbox servers have migrated as well, without causing any difficulties for the players.

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