Pokemon Masters Content Schedule and Reward Adjustments in the next Five Months

The producers of Pokemon Masters, Yu Sasaki and Tetsuya Iguchi confirmed that they are working together with the development team to deliver a more rewarding game experience. They also revealed their plans, such as the next content updates (until March 2020) and the reward adjustments schedule.

Pokemon Masters producers and the development team will start things slowly in November and they will focus on improving the rewards planned for upcoming events.

In December they will work on improving the UI, game performance and game balance. They will also make adjustments so that there will be new events from which players can obtain sync pairs. There will be Co-Op play improvements and more display options for the sync pairs on the Dex screen.

In January 2020, they will focus on the Sync Pair training and training event improvements. As they explain, they will make a new system that will allow players to develop and train their Sync Pairs in their own way.

February 2020 will bring new single-player content in which players can build unique teams and develop new strategies.

March 2020 marks the sixth-month anniversary and a new event will be launched. They will also revamp story events to better emphasize one of the original goals of the game” showing the bonds between Trainers and Pokemon.

As for the Reward Adjustment plans, they announced four adjustments in the following months and here is the list:

  1. After the Electric-Type Training Event, they will increase the number of rewards available in the Exchange Items menu for all future training events
  • More Gym Leader Notes
  • More items for unlocking a sync pair’s level cap

2. Starting in November, they will increase the number of non-paid gems given out monthly.

  • Gems that can be earned from completing existing events
  • Gems that can be received from event log-in bonuses

In addition, we are preparing a special log-in bonus for the first week of November.

2. They will add rewards to the Exchange Items menu for story events.

  • 3 stars and 4 stars Power-Ups will be available

3. The rewards for completing courses and super courses will be adjusted.

  • Additional bronze Buff Blends, bronze Tech Tonics, and bronze Aid Ades will be added to the Very Hard rewards

For last, their next producer letter is scheduled for November 7 and more details will be revealed.

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