Apex Legends to Get a New Progression System on December 3rd

Player level cap increase, Gun Charms and Apex Packs for the win

According to Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends is a title that needs to receive some necessary tweaks to its progression system. Expect a new max level cap, more rewards, and everything else that is beneficial for the players. At least, everyone expects a glance of fun and surprises along the way. December 3rd is when Respawn Entertainment is initially going to develop these changes to the game.

The level cap increase would inflict a lower XP needed to hit the new level cap. However, getting to level 100 would nerf the XP requirement by 5%. Together with the new level cap, rewards are going to adhere to each two-level gains firmly. From LVL 22 to LVL 300, Apex Legends would grant two Apex Packs for every two levels.

The new progression system will include 36 new Gun Charms to relay the character progression equally.

These changes have been first announced on, so if you want to check out the gun charms and everything in details, you can visit the link above.

  • Player Level cap increased from 100 -> 500
    • XP required to hit level 100 has been reduced by approximately 5% to smooth out per level XP increases
  • Players can now earn 199 Apex Packs by level 500 (previously 45)
    • Level 2 – 20: One pack every level
    • Level 22 – 300: One pack every two levels
    • Level 305 – 500: One pack every five levels
    • You will continue to earn 600 Legend Tokens per level
    • Apex Packs rewards will be retroactive
  • Players will also earn a Player Level Gun Charm every 100 Player Levels

TL;DR – Gun Charms

  • 36 new Gun Charms are going into Apex Packs at Epic and Legendary tier
  • Gun charms will now appear in the Rotating Shop for players who prefer direct purchase

Player Level Cap Increase & an Additional 154 Apex Pack Rewards

The Player Level cap has been increased from 100 to 500. Players can now earn a total of 199 Apex Packs related to Player Level rewards at the following cadence:

  • Level 2 – 20: One pack every level (19 Apex Packs total)
  • Level 22 – 300: One pack every two levels (140 Apex Packs total)
  • Level 305 – 500: One pack every five levels (40 Apex Packs total)
  • You will continue to earn 600 Legend Tokens per level and per 18,000 XP at level 500

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